Where it all started! Monday February 17, 2003. This is about 8:15PM. Everything started at 1:30AM.
Note the look of "epidural induced glee" on the new Mom. tee hee.

Jacob was transferred to Franklin Med. Ctr. in Greenfield on Wednesday February 19th. This shot was taken the following Saturday, the 22nd. Picture is titled "I wanna go home!" And with good reason!

Dad's personal favorite pic so far! This one is called "Sweet Dreams". I'm not sure even Jacob knew what he was dreaming about, but it was something good for sure! Dad was holding the boy in one arm and with his other arm held the camera waiting and waiting for the sleeping Jacob to do something amusing. He did. Thank you Jacob!

This is Mommy and Jacob taken on Feb. 23rd. No further description necessary on this one.

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